“Until medicine proves otherwise, technology IS the cure.”

Most people who have ALS live in a nursing home with people who are in their 70-90’s although many of them are much younger than that. It's common knowledge that those who have ALS need a lot of technology to keep them alive  — but technology can also help them live a better life.

Virginia has a friend who lives in an ALS house in Boston.* His house was the first of three ALS houses in the country. One of his housemates, Steve Saling, is the architect. He posted this 15-minute documentary talking about the home he designed and what people with ALS are capable of doing. Steve talks about the technology called PEAC which he uses to allow the residents to control anything electric with their eyes or brainwaves using a browser and wireless internet access.

*Virginia's friend, Patrick, is in this video. He’s the one with the pink mohawk.