Transfatty Lives - Enlightenment by Shotgun

Virginia's friend Patrick has ALS. She worked with Patrick in the late 90’s in NYC. They worked at a company designing digital solutions for high-speed internet access. Patrick was a videographer and Virginia was the producer of a streaming app for music, TV, and movies. Patrick was delightfully inappropriate and a lot of fun to be around. They lost touch, as people did after the dotcom bust and September 11 but in 2005, she ran into him again at SXSW, a tech + music conference in Austin, TX. He was diagnosed with ALS a couple of months later.  

He spent the next 10 years living and putting together this documentary about his life. It’s not easy to watch, but it’s good. It’s about ALS, but it’s also about sex, drugs, and blowing up buildings as these are the things that Patrick loves.  

You can read more about Patrick and his film in VarietyPeople, or The NY Post. You can also read more about Patrick’s thoughts on ALS in Time (including his desire to masturbate). 

Patrick and Virginia have stayed in touch since his diagnosis (thanks, Facebook) and she attests he remains the delightfully inappropriate man he was in his early 20’s.