AAC in The New York Times

Heidi subscribes to and is a regular reader of The New York Times. As an experiment, she completed a search on their website to see what they're talking about as it relates to the ever-evolving field of AAC.

Sadly, she didn't find much. The only relevant article within the last 5 years was one on Steve Gleason, the New Orleans Saint football player who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. The article is really good but is less about his use of a device, and more about his journey through his ALS diagnosis.

While any publicity and awareness of AAC use should be lauded, it's hard to not feel sad celebrities are the only way AAC makes it onto the headlines of a major newspaper. The article does go in-depth on Steve's advocacy work to increase access to AAC (yay!!). Although that is awesome, we'd like to see more about the complex communication needs of those with AAC devices. 

What are your thoughts on the media and AAC?